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Our agency will develop and implement a plan designed to connect your business with targeted consumers and generate lucrative sales. Under the umbrella of Public Relations and Marketing we will focus our efforts on advertising, market research, media planning, public relations, product pricing, distribution, customer support, sales strategy, and community envelopment. Marketing combines all of these elements to secure a common goal. Marketing is a time consuming process that involves extensive research to be successful; but the end result will yield substantial gains.
Pacific Institute of Technology
Northside Hospital
Siemens Corp
Empire Heating and Cooling
Brown & Associates
Newic Associates
Citi Bank
Drake House Museum
Cory Booker Campaign
City of Orange BOE
Rutgers University Africana Studies Department
10 years managing the cinematography of long form documentaries, promotional videos, and commercials.
Analytical skills in marketing trends for video, photography, and web design.
An experienced team leader, capable of managing multiple vendors, teams, timelines, and budgets for high profile productions.
Virtual communication & web streaming design and managing.
Understanding of the newest video & film production methods, editing techniques and technologies.
International production experience
Experience working with a diverse team that has different skill sets and experience levels
Successfully managed MySQL, PHP, Ruby, and Java projects.
Strong relationships and a proven track record of working with long form production, location lighting, hiring freelance staff, and working with production vendors.
HTML&CSS, Hard & Software Trouble Shooting, Web Research Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator


Our agency with help you develop your own brand identity and determine:

Who – How do your customers percive you?
What – What is your business philosophy?
When – When do people utilize your company or brand?
Where – Can your customers find you?
Why- Why should customers choose you over your competition?
How- Leave the how to us. Once we determine the 5 W's, we will develop a plan to market you to consumers in your field of expertise.

Photography - We will tweak your images to a unique style developed for your company, no more of the stock website look.
Cinematography - We will create commercials for television/internet geared to your company/brand.
Web Design - We will develop a website that will attract the clientele you desire. Your site will be kept relevant on the internet thru SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so when people search your site it comes up on Google and other leading search engines.
Style Books - We will develop a unique design style that creates consistency across your branding that will set you apart from all of your competitors.
Content Creation - We will develop content for all social media outlets, from web pages, blogs, and Twitter feeds.
Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Videos
Brand Education Videos - Teach clients about your company and product
Web Commercials - Old fashioned advertising with powerful new ingredients
Series Programming - Developing web series or programming based around your industry ( think TED talks or Apple EVENTS)
TV Commercials - Cable advertising
Print Media
Advertising - Commercial Advertising, direct mail
Annual Report Procduction Design
An annual report is an executive report that details a company’s economic, environmental, and social performance for the calendar year. Annual reports are used to determine the company’s strengths and weaknesses as well as growth and losses. The information is imperative in determining a new plan of action for the next year. The production of each report is a large undertaking. Each report requires its own design style as well as custom photography, typography, illustration, and copy editing.
Web Analytics
Our agency will design customer driven experiences creating a positive consumer flow into post-sales.
Brand Activist Strategy - Gives customers a means to support company vision
Film Product Placement ~ Take advantage of Atlanta's growing film market
Maintaining media lists
Monitoring social platforms
Individual Services - Contact us about celebrity packages!



Our goal is to get you in touch with your inner swag. Swag is confidence; swag is a sense of peace about the future knowing that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. We give swag license: the freedom to be yourself and tap into what makes you, you, as well as what will ultimately draw people to your company, your product, or your website. Our agency will work hard to secure your spot in the limelight. We are passionate about our work, our professionalism is unmatched, and we will accomplish your desired goal.

Sneaky Spy Media started out of a desire to help businesses, people, and brands catapult themselves into their own unique destiny. Everyone has a desire for greatness in his or her life; a time when life lines up with the visions and goals you have set for yourself. It is at that time when the world is given notice that you have truly arrived. The goal of Sneaky Spy Media is to broadcast your arrival to the world. Our agency will help you reinvent yourself, brand yourself, and market yourself to the world using social media, print, cinematography, and photography.

Sneaky Spy Media was started by David Ralph Smith, a 2002 Rutgers University graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He started his career doing video production for Rutgers University Television in 1999. As a self-taught graphic designer, he began marketing work for the New Jersey Department of State in 2001. In the summer of 2007, he moved to the Atlanta area and began marketing projects with local small businesses.

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